CPED-IDRC Climate Change Project Titled “Empowering Women as Key Leaders in Promoting Community-based Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risks Reduction Initiatives in Niger Delta Region” Compiled by Osagie Aitokhuehi

Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED) with support from International Development Research Centre (IDRC) embarked on a 3 year project titled "Empowering women as Key Leaders in Promoting Community-based Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives in Delta State Nigeria".

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to socially-equitable development in Niger Delta region by promoting women-led, community-based initiatives on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. A key component of the climate change project is knowledge generation-entailing awareness, perception of climate change, and adaptation and risk reduction initiatives being practiced by community members.

In order to effectively engage the local stakeholders, particularly women and girls in the implementation of the project, existing social groups in the communities were mobilized and the leadership of the various groups were brought together to form a coalition for social change referred to in this project as Community Project Implementation Committee (CPIC). Men were also included in the Commitee and they were all trained on gender equality, equity and mainstreaming as it concerns climate change adaptation. The roles of the CPIC was to build the Capacity of local groups to respond to climate change adaptation and risk reduction efforts. The video below shows some of the men whom after receiving the training, are giving feedbacks on what they have being doing differently and whether or not women are now involved in decision making in the community.

some of the women in the CPIC committee also shared some of the adaptation strategies they have adopted. The video below show their reponse to climate change.

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