Meeting of Climate Change Project Team on the Project “Empowering women as key leaders in promoting community-based climate change adaptation and disaster risks reduction initiatives in Niger Delta region” Presented by Jones Abriku

The meeting which was chaired by the Project’s Principal Investigator, Prof Emeritus Andrew G. Onokerhoraye started off with a brief review of the Revised Project Log Frame listing all they have achieved since the inception of the project, activities they have carried out which include recruitment and training of Research Assistants who delivered questionnaires to the communities which the research was carried out, Data entry, cleaning and analysis. These gave desired results and outputs which other researchers can use for research purposes.

He further added that some CPED Staffs were currently in the field where they will meet, mobilize, empower women, girls and other rural community members including elders, men and boys in communities for participation, which will be shortly followed by capacity building involving training of women leaders on their roles in driving the implementation of the adaptation and disaster-risk reduction strategies.

The PI gave room for Professor Dicta Ogisi a Project’s Team member whom gave insight on the project monitoring matrix which was followed by discussion with team members and mentees to make decision on task that can be achievable and what cannot be achievable.Team members and mentees where asked to compile research articles for peer review journals.

The meeting came to an end with all matters well treated in preparation for the meeting with IDRC Program Officer coming in the week of February 18th, 2020.

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